12 Mistakes Men Make When Hunting With Women


The guide for every man on exactly how to show a lady a miserable time in the woods:

1. Underestimating the importance of comfort.

2. Behaving condescendingly, because big girls do cry.

3. Not helping with shooting practice before the hunt.

4. Being crude or rude.

5. Not putting safety first.

6. Showing lack of respect for the lives taken.

7. Pushing the shot.

8. Not listening or communicating.

9. Displaying lack of patience.

10. Treating the woman as if she’s frail.

11. Focusing only on the kill.

12. Underestimating the female hunter's capabilities.

Link to the FULL Article Please check out the entire article, I enjoyed it. Thank you ladies!!!

4 Responses

  1. Dawn P.
    #1 I like to be comfortable!
  2. Elle
    #3 and #7!
  3. I grew up hunting being comfortable for us makes us able to stay out longer and actually get that bacon winner buck I have killed roughly around 12 before I stopped to have a family my husband hasn't gotten his buck

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