5 Reasons to Buy A Concealed Carry Purse

Earlier this week I was in an online conversation about how concealed carry purses will fail you, how they are an useless item and will only lead to a predator running off with your gun and your bag. This small group chat just went round and round, and eventually ended with the stubborn purse hater leaving the conversation unwilling to even consider a point of view.

Here are my 5 reasons to buy yourself a concealed carry purse:

  • Your gun is completely concealed. Anyone walking near you or watching you from a distance, will have zero clue that you are carrying, which is the entire point of carrying a concealed handgun in the first place. If you are concerned about printing/outline of your gun/holster through your clothing like I am, then a concealed carry purse is a good purchasing choice for you. Maybe start with a ccw purse, get comfortable with carrying your gun with you in public places, then try carrying on your body.
  • When walking anywhere no matter what time of day, you should always be aware of your surroundings. If at anytime you feel threatened or have an uneasy feeling, unzip that separate enclosure and be prepared. There's nothing wrong with having your handgun one step closer for quick access.
    *Be smart, please don't put yourself into a potentially dangerous situation thinking "Oh it's okay, I have a gun."
  • Always keep your handgun (clips/magazines and extra rounds) separate from the other contents in your purse. Items such as keys, eyeliner, make-up brushes, bobby-pins, receipts, cough drop wrappers, etc. could get caught in your trigger causing an unintentional discharge, could cause damage to your handgun rendering it inoperable, and/or simply taking away those needed seconds while fumbling in your bag to clear your gun. This is what makes concealed carry purses unique, they offer this separate compartment ensuring that no other items will come into contact with your carry gun. My concealed gun of choice is a Glock 42.
  • If purchasing a concealed carry purse is going to give you that extra security or extra push to carry a gun with you, awesome! Sadly our world isn't getting any safer. More and more women feel that they need or simply want to carry a handgun. Take a safety course, go to a nearby range where you can rent (test out) different styles of firearms to find the one for you. You can look up online for women's shooting groups in your area, personally I'll take advice from anyone, but some women are more comfortable talking with other women. I'm not an expert, but you can even call me, I like to chat 🙂
  • And lastly, you can fire from within your purse if needed... YES you can! The first shot, you'll blow a hole right through it. Hopefully whoever you are defending yourself from instantly realizes they bit off more than they can chew, giving you an extra second to completely remove your handgun from your purse. And if not, the first shot will create a hole large enough to peek your barrel out of, or maybe even large enough to push your entire handgun through for more accurate shooting. The bottom line here, if it comes down to having to purchase another purse or my life, I can always purchase another bag!

If you have anything you'd like to add, please feel free to share in the comments below. Thanks for following along!
Sarah Cox

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  1. Concealed carry purses are very useful to carry firearms while you are traveling alone. It gives you extra security. Very informative post.

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