Africa’s Tiny 10

We have all heard of Africa's Big 5 (cape buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion, rhinoceros) but did you know there is also a Tiny 10? That's right, hunters set out in search of ten tiny species of African pygmy antelope. The hunt can be quite challenging (1) due to presenting a small sized target, (2) coordinating and planning as these species spread from Kenya to South Africa, and (3) because most who hunt in Africa are primarily seeking much larger game, selecting the proper firearm & ammo is extremely important.

Let's meet Africa's Tiny Ten...

The Blue Duiker is the smallest member of the duiker family and the smallest antelope in Southern Africa; measuring only 32-41 centimeters (10-14 inches) at the shoulder and weighing 8-10lbs.

The Cape Grusbok (or Southern Grysbok) stands nearly 20 inches tall and weighs approximately 20lbs.

The Common Duiker (or Grey, Bush Duiker) is one of the larger species in the Tiny 10; standing 23-25 inches in height at the shoulder and weighs 35 to 45lbs.

The Damara Dik-Dik is the smallest antelope in Namibia; standing 12-15 inches and weighing only 6-13lbs.

The Klipspringer can be found in eastern and southern Africa; they reach approximately 17-24 inches at the shoulders and weigh 18-40lbs.

The Oribi is slightly larger than the Klingsprings, reaching 20-26 inches and weighing 26-49lbs.

The Red Forest Duiker (or Natal, Natal Red Duiker) can be found from Tanzania to southern Africa; reaching only 16 inches at the shoulders and weighing 33lbs.

The Sharpe's Grysbok weigh about 15-24lbs and stands about 20 inches at the shoulders.

The Steenbok (or Steinbuck, Steinbok) reaches 16-24 inches at the shoulders and weighs approximately 24lbs.

The Suni antelope resides in the underbrush from Kenya to southern Africa; standing 11-16 inches at the shoulders and weighs only 10-12lbs.

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