Blaze Pink Is Now A Legal Hunting Color In Wisconsin

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In Wisconsin, the "Blaze Pink Hunting Proposal" has been signed into approval, what does this mean? It's very simple, hunters can now wear either blaze orange or blaze pink. The hunting community is "losing its mind" over this, and I honestly don't see why!

Here are my thoughts:

  • (1) Blaze Pink has been proven visible and safe; which is the most important factor as far as I'm concerned!
  • (2) While I do not believe pink as an option will be a factor in female recruitment, I do believe that females and possibly even some men who already hunt, some will make the change to blaze pink. Nobody is forcing anyone to wear the blaze pink, if it's not your color or you "hate" pink, then stick to orange... to each his/her own!
  • (3) What about people who are color blind? I'm not colorblind but I believe the folks who are, are already taking extra safety precautions. Did you know... that with Red-Green Color Blindness, these people can not see the difference between reds, oranges, browns, and greens! Oranges, browns, and greens... as in traditional hunting attire.
  • (4) "It (pink) is so girly, hunting isn't girly!" Wouldn't that mean that hunting is a manly? Because of this statement and overall view of hunting -until recently- is the reason there were no women's hunting apparel options available or backpacks that fit to our smaller framed bodies or even women's camo footwear. None of these were an option when I was a kid; we had to wear boys or a men's clothing, remember how great those clothes fit? Horribly!
  • (5) To the "this isn't a fashion show" comments: Pink camo, pink is simply a background color placed behind -Realtree/Mossy Oak- patterns and is a color that deer can not see. Blaze Pink will be serving the SAME purpose as Blaze Orange, to stand out in your surroundings.

  • Those are my thoughts, as always thank you for following along.
    Sarah Cox 2/6/2016

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