Introducing Live Love Hunt’s African Hunting Apparel Collection

Family, friends, and fans... Live Love Hunt® is proud to introduce our African Collection women's apparel featuring Africa's Big 5 (elephant, cape buffalo, leopard, lion, rhino) plus gazelle, giraffe, and kudu.

"We are grateful to have fans from all over the world who share their hunting adventures with us. They share their experiences of observing and interacting with different cultures, beautiful wildlife native to these lands and scenery that not everyone is fortunate to see in their lifetime. It's truly amazing and I want us (Live Love Hunt) to have something for everyone, not to exclude any hunters. If you search for deer or duck hunting shirts, millions of results appear; however when you do the same search for giraffe or gazelle hunting shirts, there's nothing!" Sarah Cox, owner/founder of Live Love Hunt, believes that every hunt is special and carries an unique memorable experience. It's these very memories that we look back on when we see a photo or look up at our mounts; especially when we sit down with our families and friends for a meal, knowing we provided for our love ones.

As we all know, conservation programs here in the US are mainly funded by hunters, fishers, and trappers. This funding is through state licenses, fees, additional taxes for firearms and ammo. It's the same in Africa; these similar methods financially boost the local economy, fight against poaching, and are the main contributors to conservation and habitat management. Those who hunt in these countries, are the very people who are dedicated in saving these iconic species and we're excited to roll out this line for these incredibly important conservationists!

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