My CCW Experience

My name is Sarah and I am a Missouri resident. I've been wanting my CCW for quite some time, here's my experience with the entire process:

While the actual class (plus educational exam) and the shooting portion is just a day, this is indeed a process and will take weeks to complete.

January 31st 2015: Myself, my husband Ken, and my dad took part in a private class with a small group of coworkers.
The class started at 7:30am, if you don't know from following me on Twitter, I am not a morning person! The nine of us listened to our instructor while he went over the safety/educational lesson and we were able to actively ask questions while sort of having a group discussion.
We took a break for lunch, then worked together for maybe another hour.
At about 1:30pm we took our safety course exam, then openly went over the answers. We were able to talk out and explain why we answered certain questions the way we did, and then hear why they may or may not have been correct.
The wording on a few of the questions got me, but being able to talk them out was very helpful.
Then, we all drove to the range for the shooting portion. Lucky us, this particular day was the busiest day of the month! We waited for about an hour and half before our group was finally able to shoot.
This part was 20 practice rounds then 20 rounds to qualify. The target was a huge silhouette and in order to qualify you had to hit in the target, not perfectly dead center, but just within the silhouette lines.
I was so stressed about the entire day, I was nearly sick to my stomach... and for absolutely no reason. I guess I just worked myself up because I just didn't know what to expect. Which is why I'm sharing my experience, because looking back, this could have been a fun day (the shooting part was super awesome, as always) but just the thought of a 'test' had me nervous.

February 6th: On my birthday, the three of us went to the St. Louis County Police Headquarters to submit our paperwork, fill out our application stating that we've met all the qualifications, show proof of id, and to be fingerprinted. Because we went on a Friday, this process took nearly 4 hours. Apparently, as we were told when we were finishing up- Mondays, Fridays, the first day of the month and the last are the busiest days to conduct business in that office or any government office. So heads up guys and check your parking meters too!

March 28th: We all received our letters of acceptance. Normally this process take 30-45 days, ours took 49. But considering the increase of applicants, due to living in the same country as Ferguson, a few extras days came at no surprise.

April 15th: Today was the first available day to return downtown. Per the clerk from our last visit, we went on a Wednesday and the entire waiting room was empty. We spent a whopping 15 minutes from the time we walked through the doors until we walked back out, with our CCW cards 🙂

So there it is, my outline of the CCW experience.
Thanks for following along, Sarah

April 28th, 2015

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