My Gear and Hunt Pink

#HuntPink popped up yesterday on Twiter after a group of Wisconsin state lawmakers introduced the proposed bill. This would allow hunters to add blaze pink in place of the traditional, trademarked orange when required during hunting season.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! Not because I'm a 'girlie girl' or because I want to prance around the woods in bright pink; but because this is geared directly towards female hunters. This is exactly what Live Love Hunt (@LiveLoveHunt) is about!!!

As a little girl who grew up in the country with male hunters all around; I remember going hunting with my dad. I'd either be forced to wear my brother's hunting clothes, which didn't fit me correctly. Or my dad's hunting clothes, which again, didn't fit properly... because I was a girl! My little body wasn't the same as a little boys or a grown mans. I didn't have a huntress role model to look up to as a child because there weren't any; there also wasn't a girls/women hunting apparel line. Because I grew up hearing "hunting isn't for little girls" I decided to become more involved in 4H. I fit right in with other girls my age, participated in events, shows, and looked up to the women who competed, especially in barrels. Now, as I look back, I wish I would have stuck with hunting as well. But I'm back at it and I'm not going to stop!

#HuntPink is already taking criticism and being labeled as a fail, only 24 hours in, by people who don't appear to even be hunters!

These Wisconsin lawmakers have stepped in the right direction. While I personally don't think legalizing pink as an alternative color for safety is going to be what makes a current female non-hunter take up the hunting; I do think that current female hunters will happily wear pink hats, pink vests and shirts. This is where I think the focus should be! Women hunters and shooters already search out pink and/or purple clothing and gear. There is already a market for this: eye/ear protection, handguns, hunting rifles, bows, arrows, apparel with pink accents, pink camo clothing, pink waders/boots, pink coolers, pink vehicle/atv wraps, pink bullets even!

As a little girl, I would have LOVED wearing a brightly colored pink vest and hat in lieu of the orange. Pink is the main color in my daughter's wardrobe. She has already expressed an interest in hunting and has also asked if there is some sort of pink she'll be able to wear. I myself search for clothing with pink or purple accents and all of my gear is either pink or purple, as you can see from my pictures.

As long as the blaze pink is safe, and legal, it has my vote! Thanks for following along, Sarah Cox.
May 27th, 2015

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