Not Going To Eat It, DONATE

Share the Harvest, Hunting, Venison A hunting meme came across my timeline this morning that read:
"Not Going To Eat It? DON'T SHOOT IT!"

I don't completely agree with the above statement, here's why:

There are MANY charitable organizations across the country that gladly accept donated meat. Last year in Missouri 3,961 hunters donated 212,343 pounds of venison to SHARE THE HARVEST; a program which helps deer hunters donate surplus venison to needing families. The program began in 1992 and has since donated over 3.3 MILLION pounds of venison to families across the state. For information in your area, do a quick search (or call) your state Conservation Department, they will aim you in the right direction. You can help families in need while keeping herd numbers healthy and balanced; a healthy herd is a happy herd.

We all know that there are a certain amount of tags put out for the public every year, based on previous years' herd/flock numbers. Overpopulation leads to starvation, disease & parasites spread quickly, there are more traffic accidents, etc. Part of our responsibility as hunters is to participate in the annual harvest of surplus in game populations, in order to maintain a healthy balance. Without hunting, game (and non-game) populations would surfer.

Thanks for following along, Sarah.
September 16th 2015

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