Increase the Penalties for Poaching – Missouri Petition

"Harsher Penalties Are A MUST For Missouri Poachers"

We, Missouri residents and non-residents, demand that our state take the illegal harvesting of wildlife more seriously...

  1. We demand that repeat offenders are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  2. We demand that felony charges are appropriate for repeat offenders.
  3. We demand the forfeiture of property including:
    -a- Whatever means of transportation/vehicle (truck, atv, boat, etc.) the poacher used to arrive at their location.
    -b- Weapons (firearms, bows, traps, knifes) and ammunition.
    -c- All gear used during the crime - packs, blinds, scopes, tree stands, coolers, clothing/footwear, decoys, calls, lights, tools/equipment, etc.

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