Legalizing the Trade of Ivory to SAVE the Rhino

Something to think about:
Could (re)legalizing the trade of ivory, save the rhinos from being poached to extinction?

Albina Hume makes many extremely great points in her article; my favorite:
"Donations won't save the rhino, your voice will!"
When a rhino is dehorned properly, by not cutting into the skull, within about three years the horn will have grown back to nearly full size. (This goes for elephants too; tusks are teeth and just like our teeth, if one is broken, it stays broken. But unlike our teeth, a tusk can continue growing from the root if that isn't damaged.) As stated in the article, this was common practice for privately owned rhinos from the 70's until 2009. Less than 200 rhinos were poached during those nearly 40 years; when compared to the ivory ban 2009 to present day, over 5,000 rhinos have been poached and left to die for their ivory.
Something has to change! As Albina points out "... you can ban a legal trade, but no one can ban- illegal."
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