Missouri Youth Hunter Harvests White Turkey

While participating in Missouri's turkey youth hunt, Anna White (14), was able to share a once-in-a-lifetime moment with her sister and father... harvesting an all-white turkey.

"The gobbler was likely a white phase turkey and not a true albino, said Jason Isabelle, MDC resource scientist. The bird would need to have pink eyes to be a true albino. Paul White said they did not check the eyes closely, and photos taken by the family are inconclusive." -MDC

As shared on Missouri Whitetails Facebook page: Here's Anna's story, straight from her. What an amazing bird.

    On Saturday April 8th, 2017, my dad, sister, and I ventured out for the opening of Missouri’s youth spring turkey season. We traveled to a farm in Caldwell County, where in 2014 I out did my dad’s biggest turkey by bagging a 27 pounder. I was about to do it again, but little did I realize what was in store. We got up early and had to walk about a mile to get into our spot, arriving and settling in about 540 am. We were just about to rest a little when an owl hooted, wakening the gobblers on the roost directly in front of us. My dad leaned over and whispered, “we are going to get lucky today.” As it become light and hearing the birds gobble on roost, it was fly down time. Upon hearing wing beats, my dad said “I think I just saw a white turkey fly down!” I jokingly and excitedly responded back, “I want that turkey!”

    My dad exchanged yelps with a hen and moments later, the white bird was walking into the field in front of us. At first we seen the head and body, not knowing for sure if it was legal. With dad purring, the gorgeous bird stepped closer, exposing his beard!! I had to re-position the shotgun barrel and the gobbler was staring me down. I lined up the beautiful blue and red head in my cross hairs of the scope and didn’t hesitate for second. It was now or never and I made it happen. Boom!! At 630 am, the gobbler dropped in it’s tracks at 29 yards.

    Upon dad and I running to the downed gobbler, we looked back and observed my 9 year old sister Aleena just waking up!! The excitement of bagging this trophy was unreal!! My dad who hunted turkey for many years told me, this is once in a lifetime!! Upon examining the beautiful bird, it was time for pictures and the long haul out.

    My dad sent a picture to the gracious farmer who allowed us to hunt and he called shortly after. The farmer congratulated us and he said he never seen the gobbler before. My dad said none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the efforts of the Missouri Conservation Department, National Wild Turkey Federation, and private landowners. Thank you to all!! Anna White

Congratulations, Anna!!!