PETA Donates FUR Coats To The Needy

This absolutely blows my mind! Did you know...

Throughout the year, PETA asks for FUR donations (coats and stoles) for those in need of winter warmth. Then, they PAINT A RED "X" on them, rendering the clothing as cosmetically damaged, so they can't be re-sold due to their high monetary value. I understand this is an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to their anti-everything campaigns, but what happened to just doing the right thing? Why not simply donate warm coats to those in need and not tag them, this just seems SO INCREDIBLY WRONG to me!!!

One could argue there are organizations in place that accept donated meat from hunting. The difference between donating meat and PETA: Hungry families in need of food sign up to receive the donated meat, with NO strings attached. Nobody should be given an item that has been purposely damaged. If you were down on your luck, trying to get back on your feet, would you be happy to go about your life wearing clothing that has been spray painted? These are people, they are hurting and need help; taking advantage of someone’s misfortune is appalling and to use them as some sort of walking VEGAN-PETA advertisement is disgusting. Distributing coats that look like someone vandalized a bridge overpass all for the cause, quite the message!