Senior Prevails in Fight to pose with Rifle in Yearbook Photo

Meet Rebekah Rorick, she submitted her Senior photo to the yearbook staff for the 2015 Broadalbin-Perth High School yearbook, however, it was rejected by a faculty member on the yearbook committee. Why? Because she was posing with a weapon!

“And I was like, ‘Why?’ And they are like, ‘Because there’s a gun in it,’ And I’m like, ‘But it’s a hunting rifle. I’m wearing camo. I have my dog with me,’” Rorick told WTEN-TV. “I was ready to cry. I didn’t know what I was going to do. The only thing I thought to do was address it.”

Both Rebekah and her father appealed to the school board during the Monday evening meeting.

“We are in the foothills of the Adirondacks,” Michael Rorick told the school board, according to the Gloversville Leader Herald. He and Rebekah explained that she was photographed in a classic hunting pose; also that another senior, in 2012, was shown with his rifle.

After discussing behind closed doors, the school board decided to approve her photo for publication in the yearbook.

“There wasn’t any reason not to (allow it),” president Robert Becker told the newspaper. He said he understood the school’s initial reaction to the photo, saying it was due to what he called “heightened sensitivity” to firearms in schools.

Superintendent Stephen Tomlinson told WTEN the photo does not violate the district’s policy against weapons.

“She is not holding the gun in a malicious manner,” he said. “She is not pointing it anywhere. It’s to me, in my opinion, a nice photograph of a young lady in the Adirondack region that enjoys hunting.”