The Journey From Brutal Poacher To Delicate Pastry Chef
January 15th 2017

Peter Andrew went from being one of the most dangerous poachers in Tanzania to a full-time pastry chef at a luxury lodge.
Hunter. Poacher. Pastry chef. Tough to imagine. Growing up, Peter Andrew started poaching for subsistence. But with quick money to be made, he soon went after more lucrative prizes. A skilled hunter, Andrew became one of the most prolific poachers in Tanzania’s Serengeti region.

And then, a crisis of conscience. His grandmother made a desperate plea for Andrew to change his ways. In a moment that changed his life forever, Brian Harris, former Wildlife Development Manager of Singita Grumeti, offered Andrew the opportunity to work in the hospitality industry. Following his grandmother’s prompting, Andrew took the opportunity. After an initial stint helping to construct a new lodge, Andrew found his feet in the kitchen. In a new environment, still learning English, he excelled. After a year, he was appointed as a full-time chef at Singita Faru Faru, earning the title of pastry chef.

The same hands that once hacked tusks from elephants now make the most delicate confectionery treats. His strength and poise find expression kneading dough. Occasionally, he walks the same paths he used to hunt but now he has a different outlook. He has a newfound respect for animals and wants to instill the values of conservation and appreciation for wildlife down to his children.