The Pinto Moose or Spotted Moose

It looks like "The Pinto Moose or Spotted Moose" photo has begun it's rounds through social media again... with many different stories attached.

The truth behind this beautiful piebald moose...
In 2012, Maurice Chenard captured this photograph near Falher, Alberta. According to All About Moose, "Moose of this coloration or piebald pattern are extremely rare. Some people have said that this is a hoax, while others have suggested that a moose and a paint horse or cow cross bred.
The fact of the matter is... this is a real moose, a bull moose with his antler pedicles showing. This young male would be 10 to 11 months old. As long as the skin remains over the apex, this small antler will not be shed this winter. Rather it will become part of the first bony and visible antlers that will form next spring."

Sadly, it was reported that wildlife officers found a leg that matched (photos) this moose in April. This beautiful moose had been poached, as hunting season was already over, and no other body parts had been found.