Wolf and Coyote Size Difference

This picture was originally posted to Facebook:

If anyone ever wondered the size difference between a Canadian Wolf and a mature Montana Coyote, take a look at this. This 2 1/2 year old collared male wolf and adult coyote were shot in a sheep pasture near Broadus, Montana.
The wolf had some yearlings ewe lambs wadded up against a fence. He killed one that I know of and another had blood on her neck. The rancher jumped in a pick-up and took off in hot pursuit. Duane hit him in the hip on the run and then one in the shoulder to finish him off. I heard he weighed right at 100 pounds. Notice the collar, Wolf #751. Also check out the difference in size of the coyote and the wolf. Doug shot the coyote on the way over to look at the wolf.