RefrigiWear Women’s Quilted Vest

Spring is here and in St. Louis our temperatures swing back and forth from chilly to warm in only a few short hours. This is why I suggest purchasing RefrigiWear’s Quilted Vest, especially if you are outdoors as much as I am.

RefrigiWear Quilted Vest
A typical spring day…

  • Turkey Hunting. Our mornings begin around 4:45am with the temperature at a brisk 45°. The quilted vest is well insulted while remaining lightweight. In fact it’s very comfortable, and convenient, to wear over a long sleeved camo top for the still-dark-outside walk to the stand, aka “The Hunting Condo.” As seen in the photo, I use the inner lining as a pocket for lightweight items, in this case my hunting permit.
  • Hiking. I try to get out and hike a few times a week. This vest has a zippered pocket on each side which is extremely convenient for me, ensuring that my phone is secure -and close- for quick wildlife photos and also my carry gun which is a Glock 42. Yes, I am a CCW holder who hits the range every month.
  • Everyday Wear. After a quick wash this vest can go from a day in the woods to a casual evening out. Worn with a brightly colored top and leggings, and boots of course, I’ve enjoyed a few nights out with friends... all times, I have received compliments on the complete outfit.
  • I look forward to wearing this vest all year honestly. Summer nights at the lake with the breeze blowing off the water, can get cold. Plus, there’s always that one morning of bright and early fishing that throws you for a loop because it’s unseasonably chilly. Then before we know it, fall turkey and deer seasons make their return. I definitely plan on packing RefrigiWear’s vest for the 2017 hunting seasons and all camping trips!

  • RefrigiWear Quilted Vest

    Sizing. My RefrigiWear Quilted Vest is a large. I’m 5’9 and weight 140lbs, you know, just on the line of medium/large. I am most pleased that I went with the large because I prefer a slightly looser fit with my tops; this allows a tiny more room and comfort when shooting.

    Cost. Currently, this vest is listed at $60. If you follow RefrigiWear’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram) they occasionally run sales on their merchandise. The current promotion is 15% off.

    Colors/Design. Offered in Black and Plum, with a diagonal quilted ripstop outershell, quilted insulation and silver reflective lining. Both pockets are zippered, which is a handy bonus in my opinion!
    RefrigiWear Quilted Vest
    Thank you for following along, Sarah Cox.

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