Responses to “First 90 Kangaroos Released in Wyoming” from Anti-Hunting and Animal Rights Groups

It happens daily, inaccurate articles are shared and spread throughout social media like wildfire. Something that I just cannot stress enough, "RESEARCH - people!!! You have the answers just at your fingertips, RESEARCH!!!" But it seems the animal rights and anti-hunting groups tend to quickly pass a hateful judgement and will share any story that comes across their timelines as truth, even those shockingly unbelievable tales that are published on April Fool's Day...

This past weekend, a particular story featuring a batch of marsupials, caused such an uproar it is now being called the best prank ever!

Not only are these groups and their following lacking a sense of fun via April Fools' online shenanigans, they are also lacking a quick Google search and blindly share these types of posts as truths. It took only a minute to find the Wyoming Migration Initiative's Facebook page to get to the bottom of it, which honestly, how could this even be considered as a factual article as this type of "human interference" would have had the ARA's panties in a major twist for the months leading up to this roo-release...

We also had a little April Fools fun on our Facebook page... there were only a few shocked emoji reactions but mostly just laughs, laughs at how ridiculously sounding a story can be and hoping you can prank a buddy! Happy late April Fools' everyone!!!

Sarah Cox
April 3rd, 2017

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