Trophy Hunting in South Africa – Top 10 Countries of Foreign Hunters

Trophy Hunting in South Africa – Top 10 Countries of Foreign Hunters
I recently came across a share on Facebook, a quote made by Peter Kat (Trustee at Lion Aid):

“It would appear, according to the Professional Hunting Association of South Africa, that these are their statistics for foreign hunters arriving in South Africa to shoot animals:

TOP 10 destinations where hunters come from:
USA 4 478
Denmark 550
Germany 250
Spain 225
Canada 207
Sweden 178
France 160
UK 135
Austria 132
Norway 131

The fact that the USA tops the table in overall numbers should be no surprise, but that does not tell the whole story. After all, the population of the USA is 319 million versus 5.7 million Danes. So what should surprise us that Denmark, a country with a small population of 5.7 million, provides so many hunters going to South Africa? 6.8 times more hunters per population than even the USA? Get a grip Denmark. Pieter Kat

Dr. Kat is absolutely correct, those numbers do not tell the entire story. However when you compare ALL of these countries to the total number of hunters per population, you see something altogether different. The USA no longer "tops the table" but is actually ranked fifth.
Trophy Hunting in South Africa – Top 10 Countries of Foreign HuntersPlease Note: I have reached out to The Professional Hunters' Association of South Africa (PHASA) and The Department of Environmental Affairs' (DEA); after multiple emails back/forth and adding numerous other reps to the conversation, neither have been able to confirm these numbers. Even in the Facebook posts that quote and tag Pieter Kat, (my tags included in hopes of a response) have yet to receive a confirmation on his numbers. Our chart is solely based off the statistics shared publicly via Facebook.

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  1. Statistics of either total number of hunters or % of population is irrelevant. Obviously a hunting community from a small population country will always rank higher in % of population. What does that show? Nothing. The original article and numbers by Pieter Kat is always suspicious as he is an anti-hunter and looking for topics to discredit hunting and hunters. If you are just looking for "entertainment" as to where the hunters come from, then to use a %, it would be more appropriate to use individual States of the USA, since the population numbers and area size would be more closely associated with the countries listed in the chart.

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