True Trophy Hunter

The true trophy hunter is the ultimate conservationist. The trophy hunters seeks the oldest male that is on his last legs. He may not make it another winter or another season. Sometimes his teeth are gone or broken, his muscles failing him for speed. His horns or antlers are worn or broken. Only starvation awaits him now. Many times he is alone, no longer part of the social network of his species.

The trophy hunter does not look to take the one that is young and tender to eat. The trophy hunter is not looking for the Pride Lion or Herd Bull. The trophy hunter seeks the one that is no longer necessary for the breeding for his species. His genes have long past been spread through his kind and now he is alone, awaiting nature's cruel end to life.

The trophy hunter pays the most to take the least, thus contributing the most to conservation.
-Cliff Tulpa
October 1999

When I first read the above quote I thought this is perfect and exactly how a trophy hunter should be described; as a person who selectively chooses to hunt mature wild game. Those who only hunt for food, will ideally look to take a younger male or female; however mature animals can still provide a quality meal. My family has enjoyed burger, jerky, backstraps, and even juicy steaks cuts from older animals; even if the head, hide, and antler/horns are kept as a trophy.

Thanks for following along, Sarah.
July 29th 2015

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