Vegan Options at Restaurants and Fast Food Chains

Vegan Options at Restaurants and Fast Food Chains | Vegan | Go Vegan
I am not a Vegan nor do I plan on switching from Team Backstrap to Team Veggie. But... after seeing an ad roll across my screen, I have a few very quick questions that I'd really appreciate having answered. Where better to ask such questions, online of course, where millions of folks are eagerly waiting to give their opinions 😉 Thank you in advance!

Earlier this evening I saw an ad for Vegan friendly menu options, specifically, Taco Bell's meat free menu campaign "How To Eat Veggie." From good 'ole life experience, as a few family members and friends have these types of daily restrictions, my mind immediately went to a food allergy type scenario.

  1. Many restaurants (fast food chains included) can not guarantee that menu items will be completely free of allergens due to shared prep areas, storage, plating/equipment, frying oil and cook tops. Which got me thinking, how concerned are you with meat and dairy cross-contamination?
  2. Do you support establishments that offer Vegan menu options or are you a strict plant-based kitchen with only a Vegan menu (restaurant/chain) supporter?
  3. Vegans, holding a very small percentage (2.5% of the American population), do you demand Vegan menu options or view them as a convenience in this carnivorous world?

Alright guys, share and comment away! I'm very curious to read everyone's answers and views.
Thanks for following along, Sarah Cox.
August 1st 2016

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